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Dodge Key Replacement in San Antonio

Assortment of Dodge Car Keys Available from Us:

Our selection caters to all Dodge lovers, with a diverse range of models to satisfy every preference. Those who fancy sedans can pick from the dynamic Dodge Avenger to the sturdy Charger, complete with the Daytona variant for racing enthusiasts.

If you're inclined towards compact vehicles, the Dodge Caliber, economical Colt, and the adaptable Colt Vista are at your disposal. If it's strength you seek, the Dodge Challenger stands as a testament to modern muscle, while the Dart offers advanced Prox key technology for your convenience.

Families can trust in the ample space of the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan for their travels. Pickup aficionados are well served with our collection, featuring everything from the Dodge D50 to the formidable Ram series, including specialty models like the Ram Charger and Quad Cab.

SUV fans will find the key to exploration with the Dodge Durango, and those embarking on longer journeys will appreciate the comfort provided by the Dodge Journey. We also cater to the industrious with keys for the robust Dodge Sprinter.

Owners of the Dodge Magnum, Monaco, Neon, or Nitro can rest easy knowing replacement keys are just an order away. This assurance extends to those behind the wheel of a Dodge Spirit, the distinctive Stealth, or a Stratus, in both its coupe and sedan forms.

For the Dodge enthusiast yearning for the zenith of performance, the keys to the Dodge Viper are ready to unleash the essence of an American legend. No matter your Dodge model, our extensive key inventory ensures you're never far from starting your next excursion.

Looking for a replacement key for your Dodge in San Antonio, TX? Teamwork Locksmith has got you covered 

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San Antonio, TX residents who own Dodge vehicles can depend on Teamwork Locksmith for comprehensive Dodge key replacement services. 


Teamwork Locksmith is a reputable name in the San Antonio area and beyond, offering specialized locksmith services tailored to Dodge owners. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of various Dodge keys, ensuring prompt assistance for your needs.


Our state-of-the-art tools and technology enable us to provide a wide range of services, from precise key cutting to transponder key programming, and rapid solutions for lost or damaged keys. Opting for Teamwork Locksmith instead of towing your Dodge to a dealership not only offers convenience but also cost-effectiveness. We take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship at competitive rates. Our highly skilled technicians undergo continuous training to efficiently and expertly handle tasks, and we are renowned for our transparent and equitable pricing.


We empathize with the frustration of losing or breaking car keys, and our objective is to ease this stress for our customers, helping them regain access to their Dodge vehicles as swiftly as possible. In summary, when it comes to any Dodge locksmith needs, choosing Teamwork Locksmith guarantees peace of mind through top-notch service.

Services Offered by Teamwork Locksmith for Dodge Vehicles:

  • Repair of Dodge Lock Mechanism

  • Ignition System Repair/Replacement for Dodge

  • Assistance with Dodge Vehicle Lockouts

  • Extraction of Broken Dodge Car Keys

  • Replacement of Dodge Car Locks

  • Creation of New Dodge Keys

  • Duplication of Dodge Keys

  • Substitution of Lost Dodge Car Keys

  • Replacement of Dodge Transponder Keys

  • Reprogramming of Dodge Chip Keys

  • Retrieval of Dodge Keys from Trunk

  • Programming for Dodge Keyless Devices

  • Replacement of Dodge Ignition Keys

  • Replacement of Dodge Key Fobs

  • Opening of Dodge Trunks

  • Programming of Dodge Remote Keys

  • Recovery of Dodge Lost Car Keys

  • Programming of Dodge Transponder Keys

  • Dodge Trunk Lockout Solutions

  • Changing of Dodge Car Locks

  • Modification of Dodge Ignition System

  • Replacement of Dodge Control Keys

  • Repair of Dodge Remote Keys

  • Renewal of Worn Dodge Keys

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